Our work on behalf of injured workers has often caught the attention of the media. Over the years, our attorneys have been interviewed on television, radio, and in many major newspapers. On this page you will find video of some of our television appearances and audio of some of our radio interviews, as well as links to many newspaper articles about our work or in which we were interviewed as experts in the field. You’ll also find videos of some of our appellate arguments as well as our testimony before the New York State Assembly Labor Committee.



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Workers Comp Fix May Have Unintended Consequences – The Chief June 2014










Workers Comp Guideline Change Hurts Injured – The Chief July 2012









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No Fraud in Transit Worker Injury Case – The Chief Oct 2006

A Quiet Man and his Wait for Justice – NY Times May 2006


Business Orgs Mount Campaign for WC Overhaul – NY Law Journal – March 2006


City Wrong to Stiff Sick 9-11 Big – NY Post May 2006


Law That Leaves Survivors of 9-11 Victims Competing is Challenged – NY Law Journal Oct 2004