The Skills and Resources of a Large Firm but the Dedication and Diligence of a Family.

At Grey & Grey, we are uniquely positioned to be able to offer our clients the skills and resources of a large firm coupled with the dedication and diligence of a family.  This is because we deeply value our firm’s past as it continues to shape our office culture.

The Grey family has been deeply associated with the Workers Compensation Law almost from its beginning in 1914. In 1930, during the Great Depression, Arthur Grey went to work for the New York State Workers Compensation Board.  Realizing the dire needs of injured workers, Arthur dedicated himself to the rights of injured workers. While working for the Board, Arthur went to law school at night. As a lawyer, he was promoted to a position in the Board’s Office of General Counsel, and eventually became a Workers Compensation Law Judge.

In 1967, Arthur’s son, David Grey opened the Law Office of David P. Grey in Farmingdale, New York to represent injured and disabled workers. David’s practice began to grow as satisfied clients began to recommend their friends, family and co-workers. After only four years, the firm needed a second attorney. Arthur Grey retired from the Workers Compensation Board to become partners with his son and Grey & Grey was born.

While Arthur Grey retired from the firm in 1980, David’s son Robert Grey joined the firm in 1990, becoming the third generation of the family to practice Workers’ Compensation.

As more and more clients were extremely satisfied by the results the firm obtained for them, the business began to expand. Since 1990, the firm has opened its personal injury and Social Security Disability departments.  The firm that started with one attorney in Farmingdale now has 15 attorneys in three areas of the law and has offices in Farmingdale, Suffolk, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, and White Plains.

Robert Grey has been the firm’s managing partner since 2008 when David retired after forty years of practice. Most of our attorneys have dedicated the majority of the legal career to the client of Grey & Grey. We now have over 30 highly trained legal assistants who take pride in their job of aiding injured workers.

Yes, Grey & Grey has grown over the last 50 years but we realize that our growth is due to the principles of hard work, zealous advocacy, compassion and communication that Arthur, David and Robert embody. We take pride in our past because even though we have become a multi-office leader in our field, we are still, at our very root, a firm with family values and we treat our clients as family.