Personal Injury

Court Ruling  A judge ruled that the defendant was 100% liable to a client who suffered a serious knee injury when he slipped and fell from a temporary work platform on a construction site.  That case is now proceeding to a trial on damages.


Won on Appeal: In yet another case, the Appellate Division, Second Department reversed a trial judge’s decision against our client and ruled that the defendant was fully liable, which will also result in a trial only on the issue of damages (how much money our client should receive for his injuries).


$900,000 for a 50 year old maintenance worker who fell from a roof.  The case had originally been dismissed by a judge who found that the State had no liability.  On appeal, the judge’s decision was reversed and the appeals court found the State 100% responsible.


$275,000 for a worker broke his wrist when the forklift he was operating fell into a gap between a truck and the loading dock.  The defendant refused to make any offer at all before trial, but the jury returned a verdict finding it 100% at fault.


$1.5 million for a 38 year-old construction worker was injured when the ladder he was using to manually raise trusses into position tipped.  As a result, he sustained injuries which left him unable to work.


$275,000 for a 53 year-old worker was injured when he stepped off of a ladder and onto a piece of debris that had been left on the ground by a cleaning crew.  We defeated a motion to dismiss the case, convincing the judge that the general contractor was required to keep the jobsite free from debris.


$95,000 for a 29 year-old worker who fell 20 feet during a construction project based on the defendant’s failure to provide appropriate safety equipment.


$250,000 for a 32 year-old laborer was injured when a piece of concrete flew into his eye as he was breaking up a concrete curb.  Before trial, the defendant offered $2,500 to settle the case.  After a jury found the defendant 65% at fault for the happening of the accident, the case settled for $250,000.


$450,000 for a 63 year old nurse’s aide with neck and back injuries, disabling him from work.  Our client slipped and fell on wet plywood that had been left by a company that was doing construction at his place of employment.


Summary Judgment:  for a longshoreman who ruptured his bicep tendon when his glove got caught on a steel reinforcement bar as he tried to lower himself from one concrete beam to another, leaving him dangling in mid-air.  The defendants appealed the decision in our client’s favor, and on appeal it was upheld.

Summary Judgment:  for a sheetrock carpenter who fell from a ladder while spackling the area around a skylight.  Our client testified that to reach the area where he needed to work, he needed a baker’s scaffold.  Although he was given one to use the day before, when he asked for it on the day of the accident he was told to use a ladder instead because someone else was using the scaffold.  The defendant produced witnesses who said that they had seen a baker’s scaffold in the area where our client was working.  A judge ruled in favor of the defendants and dismissed the case, but on appeal the court reversed that decision and instead ruled in favor of our client because the defendant’s witnesses had not proved that the scaffold was in the plaintiff’s area at the time he was doing his work.


$85,000 for a child who fell from poorly designed monkey bars at school and ruptured his spleen, as well as many other favorable results for clients who were injured because of the negligence or lack of care of others, whether at work or otherwise.


$715,000 for a 51 year old nurse  whose leg was injured when a doctor lowered an operating room table onto it without warning while performing surgery.  The accident caused an infection that left her permanently disabled from work.  The doctor, hospital, and manufacturer defended the case vigorously for many years before finally settling after their motions to have the case dismissed were denied.


$500,000 for a 49 year old bus operator who injured his back when his bus hit a pothole created by roadway construction job.  Our client had back surgery and missed almost a year from work.


$360,000 for a 58 year old electrician who was a passenger in a shuttle bus which stopped short, throwing him out of his seat, causing neck and back injuries and disabling him from work.


$245,000 for a 37 year old carpenter who fractured his left wrist when he fell from a broken ladder on a construction job.


$187,500 for 61 year old plumber who injured his left knee and back when he tripped and fell, requiring knee surgery and later had to retire due to his injuries.


$175,000 for a 42 year old roofer who fractured his left heel and missed fifteen months from work after falling from a ladder.


$150,00 for a 57 year old park aide who tripped and fell on a cracked sidewalk at a shopping mall, injuring her knee and rupturing her spleen.


$1.8 million for a nurse who slipped and fell on a wet floor, tearing her anterior cruciate ligament and later developing reflex sympathetic dystrophy (also known as chronic regional pain syndrome).


$1.5 million for a transit worker who suffered head injuries and cognitive loss when he was struck by a garage door that had been negligently installed.


$1.1 million for a construction worker whose leg was burned by sparks flying from a hot torch cutting operation, resulting in multiple surgeries and orthopedic medical problems.


$75,000 for a transit worker who was sprayed in the face by chemicals from a painting operation